April 17th 2004 Anderson Speedway

I would like to start with a Great Big Thank You to Mike, Ronnie, Steve, Lonnie, Mike, Will, Jackie, and Leah.   Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Great Job everyone!

We arrived at Anderson, IN. on Friday.  We saw some high dollar teams and we knew we had our work cutout for us.  Many of the teams purchased the concrete pads but we couldn’t.  They could scale out their cars on the concrete we were in the gravel.

We had some old used tires Mike got off of his friend Billy Barton for us to practice.   I think they said there were 33 cars there and only 28 would start.  This being our first year in Sunoco Super Series, we have to get in the race on our qualifying time or the last chance race.

We dialed in the car as well as we could and had to line up to qualify.  This was our first time at the track so we had a lot of setup to check. We qualified 18 so we made the show on our qualifying time. The top 20 cars were locked in.

I don't know what lap it was but a car made contact with our right rear quarter panel and pushed it in on the rear tire. It was rubbing the tire so we pitted and Steve pulled it off the tire. That caused us to fall back. We were able to stay on the lead lap. 

Mike did a great job driving and we were in 13th place with just 7 laps to go when the right front tire went flat.  I could see sparks coming out of the car in turn two and we thought we broke a sway bar.   Mike pitted but by the time the guys could change the tire check the sway bar, the race was over. We finished 20th.

Great job everyone! Just think what we could do with some big time sponsors like some of the other teams.

Hope to make the show at IRP.

See you there!


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